Marijuana Transport & Distribution
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Retail Distribution

We move smokable, edible and drinkable products from your facility to retail stores throughout Washington. Prices start at only $45 per run, samples are delivered free of charge and we guarantee that retailers' payments are delivered to you within five days.

Bulk Cannabis Transport

Loads up to 60 cubic feet and 300 pounds are billed at the same rate as retail distribution, and we can handle loads of any size. We offer the most cost-effective and efficient way to move your harvest to your processor.



Live Plant Transport

We use climate-controlled trucks and trailers and can handle loads of any size, large or small. Loads up to 60 cubic feet and 300 pounds are billed at the same rate as retail distribution. 

Glass and Other Retail items

Loads up to 60 cubic feet and 300 pounds are billed at the same rate as retail distribution. There is not a more cost-effective or efficient way to move your products to market.




about us


CANNABIS TRANSPORT          Bud Runner is a cannabis logistics company operating throughout Washington State. We transport all forms of cannabis, including traditional smokable products, temperature-sensitive edibles, live plants and unprocessed bulk cannabis. We also transport agricultural supplies and cannabis-related retail merchandise. Our western base is in Seattle's SoDo neighborhood and our eastern base is on the Idaho border south of Spokane, so we're close to the two greatest concentrations of retailers and processors in the State. That means scheduling is easy and payments from retailers are delivered to you quickly.


EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE          Exceptional service is the foundation of our success. We do everything possible to keep our clients happy. We understand that we represent YOU when we're in the field and transporting your products, and nobody likes pick-ups or deliveries that are late or disorganized. Last-minute orders, tight delivery timeframes and special handling requirements are all routine for us. We pay attention to the details. That makes your clients happy, and that makes you happy, and that makes us all succeed together.


SECURITY          The security of your product is our highest priority. Our fleet of transport vehicles are equipped with secure storage that exceeds industry standards and our vehicles are inconspicuous. Our professional drivers are adept at procedures that minimize the risk of theft and spoilage, and your product is insured against any kind of loss the entire time it's in our care. 


SYNERGY & SUCCESS          It might sound cliché, but together we are greater than the sum of our parts. You're good at creating quality cannabis products. We're good at moving products safely, quickly and efficiently. Our partnership will allow us each to follow our passion and focus on what we do best, and that will guarantee the greatest possible success for you, for us and for our wonderful new industry. 

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